California Requires Solar Power for New Homes Starting in 2020

May 09 2018
May 09 2018

With a unanimous vote by the California Energy Commission five-person panel, all new homes built in the state of California must use solar power.

“This adoption of these standards represents a quantum leap,” Bob Raymer, senior engineer for the California Building Industry Association, said during the public comments before the vote. “You can bet every state will be watching to see what happens.”

While there are a number of requirements in new construction homes in the state of California that do not apply to similar homes in other states, this one is a giant leap in terms of renewable energy. New homes in the state, and in cities in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek in particular) will now be leading the way starting in 2020 when the mandate takes effect.

We see this from time to time already that existing homes will install solar electricity in order to lower their electrical bills. And a new rate structure coming next year will charge California customers based on the time of day they use electricity. So homeowners with energy-efficiency features — a battery in particular, allowing energy to be stored for when it is most efficiently used — will avoid higher costs.

If you are looking to install solar panels in Walnut Creek or anywhere else in the East Bay Area. there are now many reputable companies out there. They may be a little busy starting in 2020 with this law taking effect.


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