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Walnut Creek Real Estate: Is Listing Your Home with REDFIN Worth It? Short answer: No

March 01 2018
March 01 2018



You've probably seen the big red billboards pop up across the San Francisco Bay Area - List Your Home with Redfin for a 1% listing fee. With so few listings in this sellers market currently, real estate agents in Walnut Creek, as well as cities like Oakland, are having to compete more and more to earn the trust of a home seller and sell their home. Some real estate agents bring decades of experience and knowledge, while other agents who are new to the market will discount their services in the way of a lower listing fee.

Redin was founded in 2004 when the real estate market was very strong and there was a much higher number of homes for sale and real estate agents selling them. Once the real estate market dipped in 2009 in Walnut Creek and the Bay Area, Redfin franchises, like other real estate brokerages saw a decline in the number of practicing agents. The number is once again on the rise, but the number of homes for sale remains low.

Now when a home seller decides to list their home for sale, they have many choices. They can use the agent who sold then their home, they could use the referral of a friend or family member, or they can use the real estate agent who has been marketing for their business. As mentioned before, real estate agents in Walnut Creek and elsewhere in the Bay Area have a variety of things to offer. In the opinion of The King Team (us!), the last place a home seller should begin to make cuts is to the quality of their real estate agent services. We do not proclaim that Redfin agents work any less hard than other agents. However, low listing fee (with a minimum $5,500 commission payout) does not promote the idea that your agent is willing to give you high-end service that a home seller deserves. While a home seller will save money in commission to their agent, there is a likelihood they are sacrificing money in the sale price of their home.

When selling a house in Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are many good agents. It is best to do your research on the agents past sales to see how much they can make you, not how much you have to pay them.


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